Come to the place
where you can rest from the weary world.

Come to the place
where you leave your troubles behind.

Come to the place
where you renew your spirit.

Come to The Peaceful Place.

Audrina Jones Bunton

Welcome to the Peaceful Place, Inc.

The Peaceful Place, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to serve youth groups, churches, civic organizations, and businesses.

Specifically with an emphasis on youth, the mission of The Peaceful Place, Inc. is to develop and enhance leadership skills, to encourage positive self-image, higher learning, to address at-risk behaviors and encourage positive alternatives, introduce Christian/Biblical principles that promote program goals, and encourage volunteerism and community involvement among youth while also providing services to adults to promote similar outcomes.

Through annual youth retreats, customized retreats, biblical counseling, motivational speaking, seminars and workshops, The Peaceful Place, Inc. provides a spiritual experience that integrates an opportunity for peace and tranquility, direction in prayer, strengthening of the bond within the family unit, and time to re-focus and connect with God. The Peaceful Place, Inc. is committed to encouragement and enlightenment through spirituality, fellowship, enjoyment, teaching, and training.

Because every group is different, retreat planning and facilitation, workshops, and seminars will be created and customized in a way that works just right for you.