Come to the place
where you can rest from the weary world.

Come to the place
where you leave your troubles behind.

Come to the place
where you renew your spirit.

Come to The Peaceful Place.

Audrina Jones Bunton


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Experience both spiritual and fun-packed activities and exercises in group and individual atmospheres—centering around the following elements:

  • Small Groups
  • Bible Study (experiential)
  • Worship
  • Bible Games
  • Recreation
  • Journaling
  • Praying
  • Meditation (experiential)
  • Spiritual Growth Gathering
  • Quiet Time / Reflection


The Peaceful Place, Inc.

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Testimonials from Youth Retreat Participants

The atmosphere was incredible. There was a powerful atmosphere. And now I am where I wanna be with God. (M. Coutler)

It feels so good to know that there are so many young people who enjoy God the way I do! (S. Shears)

Awesome time of praise and worship. Indescribable feeling of relief. This is a must-be-here, gotta-be-here experience. (L. Henry)

If you have any heavy loads that you are dealing with, you need to come and be delivered. God showed off again this year! Awesome! (L. Bunton)

God gave life back! (K. Swinton)

Radial, emotional, and out of this world… LITERALLY!! I am speechless! (P. Jones)

It just changed the world! (K. Bethea)

This was the best weekend of my life! It was great and fulfilled spiritually, emotionally, and naturally. The fellowship and deliverance was invaluable. (K. Willis)

Really good helping for our souls! We need this more often! (C. Jones)

Great to know that I have, and the youth retreat participants have a relationship and “personal” connection with God and the “POWER” to tear down walls. God was here. (A. Hill)

God is real, and I really know that He is real! (A. Durante)

The embracing of each other and sharing testimonies was invaluable. Letting people know you are not the only one going through and that there is help for you and healing for you. Breathtaking – out of this world! (K. McCall)

Awesome, incredible, overwhelming, joyful! (S. Henry)

It was great spending time with God in his presence. (I. Baker)

It was a good experience for all the young people to express themselves.

It was perfectly awesome and I really enjoyed it! (W. Bunton)

It was wonderful & I [didn't] want it to end! (J. McLean)

This weekend’s retreat was sweeter than honey – one of the very best times in my life. (T. Willis)

Off the hook, unbelievable! (A. Henry)

It was awesome. God really moved! (S. Jackson)

I loved every minute! (N. Coutler)

I am free!!

It was awesome! It helped me to overcome some things.

If you missed out, you need to come next year. It’s off the hook!! (A. Jones)